Roland Hallebeek

Oprichter Scotty Technologies

Roland communiceert al zijn hele leven. Hij was de vicepresident Telecom en Media bij Capgemini, leidde verschillende start-upinitiatieven, leidde European AI Customer Engagement Management bij IPsoft en leidde het Global Digital & Cognitive AI-centrum bij EPAM Systems. Hij is mede-oprichter van Scotty Technologies, gericht op de Scotty-conversational AI die Customer Contact Automation naar een hoger niveau tilt door telefoongesprekken, chats en e-mails voor klanten te automatiseren.

Mijn sessie

“Stop delighting your customers, when all they want is your help 

We are on a mission to make Scotty the best conversational AI for voice and chat to enable our customers to effortlessly provide excellent customer service to their customers.

Roland will discuss how customer service strategies often simply don’t live up to the expectations of 21st century consumers. How customer behaviour changed and didn’t.

Boost customer experiences don’t just talk about it in your brochures. Deliver the experience your brand stands for, especially when your clients need you to! Put your phone number on the front page and encourage customers to contact you whenever and wherever they want 24/7.

Empower your experienced customer service team that brings the much needed empathy and a human touch, while working in close conjunction with technology that makes 21st customer journeys contextual and relevant, improving quality, costs and insights into what your customers want and need from your brand!”

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